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The Kenshiro Abbe Era ~ Book Collection.

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Henry Ellis & Derek Eastman are amongst the last of a very small  group of direct pioneer students of the legendary Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei, stories and historic events  from the incredible 1950s. With the help of Martial Arts correspondent Abdul Rashid  they were encouraged to put the `true factual history recorded in books so the memories of those early days will never be lost.

The following titles are available from Amazon Martial Arts Books

" The Founding of Ju-Jutsu - Judo -Aikido in the UK " ------  " British Aikido History "

" Kenshiro Abbe the Forgotten Budoka" ----  " Positive Aikido ".    

Thursday, 20 May 2021

  New Amazon Book now Available.

KENSHIRO ABBE SENSEI  1915 - 1985 - The Forgotten Budoka 

Published by Amazon 20th - May - 2021
Compiled by the Martial Arts researcher Abdul Rashid.

A new book published by Amazon Books -.  This book is  an in-depth look at the life and times of this legendry man of Budo, from his childhood to his time as a captain and Brigade Commander in the Imperial Japanese Army during WW2 - his time at the Busen - Butokukwai - His competition successes in front of the Japanese Emperor, his defeat of the great Judoka Kimura also his time in the UK and Europe. This will complete our `library` of British Martial Arts history as associated to the influence of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 8th dan Judo - 6th dan Kendo - 6th dan Aikido - 6th dan Ju-Kendo. 

The following Amazon Book  titles may be of interest to the student and teachers who value the true origins of British Martial Arts.  " The Founding of Ju-Jitsu - Judo - Aikido in the United Kingdom "  --- " British Aikido History " --- " Kenshiro Abbe Sensei the Forgotten Budoka " --- " Positive Aikido "  by Dave Rogers ---  " The Life - Giving Sword " the life of K Chiba by Leise Klein.

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British Aikido History - the Book.


Click image to enlarge or click image in R/H column to go straight to the Amazon book page for [Look Inside] a free preview. The book " British Aikido History " this is the story of the last of the original pioneers still involved in the promotion of the true history for future generations. There are many old photos from the 1950s/60s. There are acknowledgments to those that have helped to protect and preserve our origins from the era of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from 1955.The book is 311 pages of stories - interviews -anecdotes - history - and much more - Please visit the free preview to see what this book has to offer. Over the years I have been asked many times `what was it like to study directly under Kenshiro Abbe Sensei?`, this book will give the reader a taste of that era, a time when Aikido was a martial art and the people who trained were martial artists in the truest sense of the term. Sadly, so many of the Japanese and British early pioneers of Aikido are no longer with us, we will remember as we pay our respects to them, may they rest in peace. The book was published by Amazon on the 7th of March 2021 - Cost B/W £6-35p,  or colour version £27-00.

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CLICK - Tribute Slide-Show to TK Chiba Sensei - 1940 - 2015

" If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything " - Mark Twain
The Book ` Positive Aikido ` available on Amazon

Aikido Videos Ellis

Aikido - 1955 - 2015 - For those that studied with Sensei's  Kenshiro Abbe - Tadashi Abe -Masahilo Nakazono - TK Chiba Sensei in those early days will remember their Aikido being true Budo, something that very few will ever see or feel again 


British Aikido Board Exposed Video Slide Show Below                   

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The British Aikido Board - Jack Poole Controversy Slide-Show

The Betrayal of British Budo



British Aikido Board Controversy Slide-Show.

Factually documented evidence of the conduct of the BAB the UK Governing Body for Aikido.

Detailing the BAB's attempted collusion with one Mr Jack Poole to change forever the true proud history and lineage of British Aikido, from its inception to the UK in 1955 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Henry Ellis was actually Mr Poole's first teacher as one can clearly see from the large collection of photos and statements, this did not deter the BAB from proudly parading Mr Poole along-side his teacher as a `Pioneer of British Aikido` .


Imagine, you are a direct student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and recognised by the Doshu and TK Chiba as a true pioneer of British Aikido,  - The UK Aikido governing body invite you to receive an award in recognition of this - As you wait to meet the Lord Mayor of Birmingham - you hear a shuffling sound - you look behind - standing there unannounced is one of your old students in line to receive the same award as a pioneer - unbelievable.You could not make this up - The BAB did.


Aikido - MMA - Judo - Karate - Caporeria - Kenshiro Abbe - Tadashi Abe - TK Chiba - Masamichi Noro -  Masahilo Nakazono - Henry Ellis - Derek Eastman - Earliest UK Aikido Demo 1963.- K Abbe vs J Robinson 1955 - Steven Seagal - Rik `hammer`Ellis - Jay Dods Ellis -  Dang Phong Sensei.

The Videos are Located Below the Order of Listings.

Click the Link Below for the first visit to the `Hut Dojo` of Masamichi Noro Sensei - 1963.

Video - The Hut Dojo 1963

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Scroll Down - For a large selection of Old films and Videos - Kenshiro Abbe - Nakazono Sensei - Henry Ellis.

British Aikido History
1955 - 2012
The official British Aikido History site - Is dedicated to the true history of Aikido in the UK from its inception in 1955 by the legendary Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Right: Kenshiro Abbe Sensei with Ken Williams Sensei at the Hut Dojo.

The site is maintained by AikiKai Shihans Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman -  The last two surviving pioneers from that exciting era of the birth of Aikido in the UK at the famous "Hut Dojo"

Ellis & Eastman Sensei's are co-authors of the book `Positive Aikido` - they are proud to have their diplomas signed by legends - Osensei Morihei Ueshiba - Kenshiro Abbe - Masahilo Nakazono - Masamichi Noro - TK Chiba - Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.

Right: Mitsusuke Harada Sensei

Right: Henry Ellis - Mitsusuke Harada - Derek Eastman join Harada Sensei at the TK Chiba Celebration in 2006. Harada Sensei was invited to the UK in 1963 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - He held his first classes at the Hut Dojo. Harada had no students to begin with - Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman studied Karate with Harada, he in turn studied Aikido with them - Harada began to incorporate Aikido moves later into his Shotokai Karate as can be seen in his teachings today.

Click here for the British Aikido History Blog > British Aikido History Site

Earliest known UK Aikido public Demonstration 1963.

USAF UK Air Base - European Judo Championships.

Henry Ellis - Derek Eastman - Geoff Goodwin.
Click here ->  Earliest known UK Aikido Demonstration.

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AIKIWEB Articles - K Abbe - M Nakazono - M Noro - TK Chiba


Four Articles - Featuring: - 1st Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - 2nd Masahilo Nakazono - 3rd Masamichi Noro - 4th TK Chiba Sensei.

______________________________________________"THE BUDO MASTERS"___________________________________________

_____________________Kenshiro Abbe ~ ~ Masahilo Nakazono ~ ~ Masamichi Noro ~ ~ Kazuo Chiba _____________________

Henry Ellis 6th dan AikiKai Hombu - Co-author of "Positive Aikido". Relates stories of training with the early Budo Masters.
_______4 Articles - featuring 1st Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - 2nd Masahilo Nakazono - 3rd Masamichi Noro - 4th TK Chiba_______

______________________________________CLICK the ARTICLE of YOUR CHOICE_____________________________

1st - Article: Kenshiro Abbe _____“Trying to Catch the Wind”_____
Click Here - AikiWeB Article - "It Had to be Felt".~ Kenshiro Abbe - "Trying to Catch the Wind".

2nd - Article: Masahilo Nakazono ______”A Man of Peace and Pieces”______
.Visit Aikiweb Click here >- Aikiweb - Nakazono Sensei Article

3rd - Article: Masamichi Noro ______The White Tornado__
Visit Aikiweb - Click Here - "The White Tornado"

4th - Article: Kazuo Chiba ______Two Handsome Young Men___Click here - "Two Handsome Young Men"

Henry Ellis a direct student of the legendary Budo master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from 1957. "AikiWeb" has published 4 articles to add to their popular Ellis Amdur article collection of "It Had to be Felt" `IHTBF`.

British Aikido Board Blog - Click here ->BAB Blog - BAB Blog

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`Positive Aikido` a true Traditional Story

Techniques - History - Lineage - Anecdotes covering 55 years of Traditional Aikido.

Order a signed copy direct from Henry Ellis Sensei - Email - Henry Ellis Email

Henry Ellis & Derek Eastman 6th dan AikiKai-diplomas signed by: Osensei Ueshiba - Kenshiro Abbe - Masahilo Nakazono - TK Chiba - The Doshu Moriterue Ueshiba.

Front and back covers.
About the Authors:
Henry Ellis & Derek Eastman both 6th dan AikiKai Hombu - Diplomas signed by Osensei Ueshiba - Kenshiro Abbe - Mikoto Nakazono - TK Chiba Shihan - Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.. They are the last two pioneers of K Abbe Sensei from the inception of British Aikido from 1955...To purchase the book `Positive Aikido`. Order direct - please contact Dave Rogers Sensei USA the books main author. Please email
Dave Rogers Email For price and postage.

Book also available on Amazon UK £10-95 free p&p & Amazon USA. $18.

For an in-depth review of "Positive Aikido" click here>Positive Aikido

Visit the "Aikido Articles Blog"->Aikido Articles

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Blog 1..Derek Eastman Aikido
Visit the Derek Eastman Blog to read all about the life of a young man at the famous Hut Dojo as a direct student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from the 1950s.Click here >
Derek Eastman Blog


Blog 2 ~ Visit the " Henry Ellis Aikido Blog
Henry Ellis AIkido Click here..Henry Ellis Aikido "

Henry Ellis British Aikido pioneer, with stories and photos tells of his early life leading his 55 years of Aikido study.


Blog 3 ~ Rik Ellis AIKIDO MMA / CAGE ..

Read the article " Aikido in MMA

Visit the Rik Ellis blog for photos ~ photo slide show ~ articles on " Aikido in MMA " . Rik a student of both Aikido and MMA shares his experiencs, photos and videos.Click here for Blog Site> Rik Ellis "



About the Authors

Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman are two of the last three pioneers of British Aikido from the 1950s. They were direct students of the legendary Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. They were the first teachers of Aikido to introduce Aikido to the UK Further Education System in 1963. They have studied with many great names of Aikido, such as, Kenshiro Abbe ~Tadashi Abe ~ Masahilo Nakazono ~ M Noro ~ TK Chiba.
They studied at the famous Hut Dojo, the birthplace of Aikido in the UK. Dave Rogers a USAF service man, began his Aikido at the ESTA dojo in Basingstoke UK in 1985. Rogers Sensei is the USA ESTA rep in the USA. He is a retired service veteran ~ News paper editor ~ reporter.

Click here Positive Aikido Book..Positive Aikido Book"


Blog 5 ~ Masahilo Nakazono Aikido
Masahilo Nakazono 7th dan AikiKai...Nakazono Sensei will always hold a special place in the hearts of British Aikido pioneers and their students. He was the first Japanese Aikido teacher to be invited to Britain to teach Aikido by the legendry Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. Nakazono Sensei became a regular visitor to Britain before moving to the USA in 1970.
>Visit the " Nakazono Aikido Blog

Click here Nakazono AikidoNakazono Aikido "


Blog 6 ~ The Tadashi Abe Sensei Blog ~ Click -> Click here

Tadashi Abe Sensei 1926 ~ 1984. A student of OSensei Morihei Ueshiba in 1942..Minoru Mochizuki Sensei ( right ) visited France in 1952, he later invited Tadashi Abe to become the first resident Aikido teacher to France later that same year of 1952..Abe Sensei taught a no nonsense style of Aikido,


Blog 7 ~ The Aikido Articles Blog

Many varied and interesting Aikido & Budo articles.

Click here for articles Aikido Articles.

Blog 8 ~ Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 1915 ~ 1985.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei was Judo Champion of all Japan. The youngest ever 5th dan at 18 yrs of age. Abbe Sensei came to the UK in 1955 where he would introduce the unknow art of Aikido.

Kenshiro Abbe Blog Kenshiro Abbe


Blog 9 ~ Kyu-Shin-Do Blog.
KyuShinDo was the lifes study of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei, it was his phylosphy and theory of the application of Judo..Sadly because the name KyuShinDo is very ` Japanesy ` KyuShinDo has become many different things to so many people, not often for the good of the memory of this great Budo Master.

Kyu~Shin~Do Blog Click > KyuShinDo


Blog 10 ~ Bracknell & Basingstoke Dojo.

All the information you need to know on both our local dojos.

Bracknell & Basingstoke Dojo Info Bracknell-Basingstoke Dojo


Blog 11 ~ Women in the Martial Arts.

Anita Wilson is the first lady to receive dan grade in the ` Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido `.
Anita's father is a well know collector and specialist in Japanese artifacts.

Anita Wilson Sensei Blog Women in Aikido


Blog 12 ~ Jack Poole Controversy.

In the year 2000 Jack Poole and the British Aikido Board conspired to corrupt the true history and lineage of British Aikido from its inception in 1955 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Aikido Controversy Blog > Jack Poole


Blog 13 ~ British Aikido Board
This Blog documents the appalling conduct of the governing body for British Aikido.
British Aikido Board Blog BAB = BAD at Budo


Blog 14 ~ British Aikido Blog

British Aikido History Blog. British Aikido


Blog 15 ~ Aikido UK

Aikido in the UK.

Aikido UK Aikido UK


Number 16 ~ The BRITISH AIKIDO HISTORY website..

History ~ Articles ~ Books ~ 4 Photo Galleries ~ Videos...
British Aikido History Click Here


Number 17 ~ ESTA International Blog
Click here
A blog by Al Montemar Sensei of Dallas Texas..


Number 18 ~ The ESTA Dojo Albuquerque NM
This new blog is operated by Ms Amanda Post. It is new, so watch out for updates.

The Ellis Schools USA HQ. Click. Click for ESTA NM USA


Number: 19

DS - Tactical Gear

Contact Dave Rogers Sensei the author of " Positive Aikido ".

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